The All-in-One Business Automation Platform of The Year is Finally Here!

The unknown.


It’s always a little scary, right? I mean, whenever you jump into something new, that entails some RISK, and there’s no guarantee of a POSITIVE outcome. Often, you don’t even know the size of that RISK or the significance of the outcome.


So it’s usually more comfortable, and EASIER, to stay with what you know. But IS it easier? Really?


Let’s talk about your business.


You’ve decided to run your own. And maybe you’ve already traveled down that road a little… meaning, you’ve done some research, chosen some marketing software, plunked down the money to subscribe, and made a few sales already.


You’ve been building a list, designed and sent some emails, built some landing pages, maybe even put together a few funnels. You’ve got some skin in the game now. Or, you’re about to.


Then along comes something NEW and DIFFERENT that promises to make your marketing A WHOLE LOT EASIER and CHANGE YOUR LIFE… something called KARTRA.


What is it? You can skip the rest of this email and see in this quick demo video right here


But if you’ve already invested in paying for and learning a bunch of marketing software, and set up your product carts, and built a bunch of emails and pages and autoresponders and funnels already…


…then it would be logical to think you’re already too far down the road to switch to something else, and that it would be easier to just stay where you are.


(I’ve just given you all the reasons NOT to switch to Kartra – a real marketing NO NO, right?)






I’m curious though… HOW EASY is it to REMEMBER HOW TO USE all those different platforms for emailing, page building, funnel design, membership site building, product cart setup, opt-in form design, and video hosting… never mind nice add-ons like having a help desk or an affiliate management platform?


Because Kartra has all of those… built into ONE absurdly easy-to-use platform. Even video hosting. Even the help desk. Even affiliate management.


HOW EXPENSIVE IS IT TO PAY FOR ALL THOSE PLATFORMS SEPARATELY? (probably many hundreds of dollars per month).

The All-in-One Business Automation Platform


Kartra gives you all of those tools – INCLUDED. There are no extra add-ons to try to get more money out of you. And the cost? MUCH LESS than you’d pay for all those other tools collectively.


HOW EASY is it to design and write emails, squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages, forms, and checkouts that DON’T SUCK? I mean, to create a truly beautiful, modern-looking design and copy that actually increases sales, not kills your brand?


Well, Kartra’s completely DONE FOR YOU campaigns (crafted by experts you might have heard of, like Frank Kern), and professionally designed templates for EVERYTHING, reduce your effort to ZERO.


And, HOW EASY is it to get all those separate tools you might be using right now to actually talk to each other, share data, and give you comprehensive, ACCURATE analytics so you can actually know which parts of your marketing are making you money …and which parts suck?


(You know, without having to pay a programmer a ton more cash to hook everything up?)


Kartra integrates all those tools for you in one platform already. They’re designed to unify your data from the get-go…


…meaning, Kartra tells you EVERYTHING about your marketing and your prospects – every page visit, video view, email click, helpdesk ticket, sales transaction, opt-in, sequence subscription… the whole enchilada. Kartra KNOWS… and so will you.


Now, of course I can go on TELLING YOU how easy it is to switch to Kartra and trade in all those platforms you’ve had to duct-tape together to accomplish the bare minimum your business needs to, well, get customers and transact business…


…or I can just let some of the thousands of Kartra users who’ve already made the switch tell you.







See for yourself. Watch this demo video right here





They want to make it even easier for you to experience how Kartra can radically simplify your life and improve your business. So they’re offering you a 14-day trial of Kartra for just one tiny little dollar.


And if it doesn’t immediately blow you away with how much easier it just got to crush it in your business, you can go right back to what you’ve already got.


But you probably won’t want to do that. This is why they’re keeping Kartra EASY to afford after your trial ends. It starts at just $99 a month. No, that wasn’t a typo.


But you need to act fast! With such an overwhelmingly positive response, prices could increase at any time, so get Kartra now to lock in their lowest price ever.


Just click here to see the short Kartra demo video and get your $1 trial. I think it might be the easiest decision you’ve ever made. Or very close!



P.S. I don’t want you to miss out on the easiest time ever to switch to Kartra. Prices for the future have not been confirmed (and there’s a 99.99% chance they’ll go up). So I hope you’ll act NOW and lock in your low price



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