Mailbox Riches Review – Make Money Mailing Postcards From Home

Mailbox Riches Review – Make Money Mailing Postcards From Home


What is Mailbox Riches?

Mailbox Riches is a postcard business opportunity, it is a direct mail business opportunity.

it allows you to make money mailing postcards from home. it simple as it sounds.

Can you mail a postcard?

If your answer is yes, then you can make money by mailing mailbox riches postcards.

What will I need to do to get started with the mailbox riches direct mail postcard business?

Mailbox riches is a one-time entry fee of $39. You make this payment by contacting admin or you can print the flyer and mail it to the address listed on the flyer. you will earn a $25 commission plus a free lotto ticket or stamp per sign-up.

Once you complete the sign-up process, the company will send you a welcome package included with 50 postcards and 50 leads (opportunity Seekers)

You also have the option of receiving more postcards by choosing the $84 fee package, which will include 500 colored postcards. keep in mind this is optional.

If you are skeptical, you can send the admin a $5 fee to receive just the starter kit.

Keep in mind, after signup, the admin will email you a mailbox riches template, this template will allow you to make your own postcard copies with another print provider.

My suggestion is to use a different online printing provider, this will save you money.

You can always contact the admin through his cell phone number, you will find his contact information on the flyer.

His name is Merrell McQueen and he also accepts payment through the Cash app or Paypal or just mail the cash to his address listed on the flyer.

for faster processing, I recommend you contact him and provide this ID#165.

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Ready to get started? Download Mailbox Riches Flyer And Return To Admin

Did I mention you also will have a chance to upgrade your membership to a higher commission once you receive your welcome package? yes, you can earn more commission.

Watch This Video – Welcome Kit



Mailbox Riches Payment Proof



More Mailbox Riches Payment Proof



Start Making money with direct mail. Download Mailbox Riches Flyer And Return To Admin.

Consider joining other direct mail postcards opportunities. the more make money mail postcards opportunities, the more chance of making a consistent commission.

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Direct mail Is the number one method most people use to market their brand. direct mail produces a result but it requires patient. if you are serious about making money with mailbox riches, you have to do the work and keep mailing consistently.

Direct mail is not the number one choice for affiliate marketers because they don’t want to do the work of mailing, most affiliate marketers want the quick make money method, only online opportunities, but there is more gain in direct mail if done right.

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